Monthly Archives: October 2018

The great Quincy Jones – Series 2 of The Vinyl Countdown is here!

Quincy Jones is one of the greatest musicians of his generation and we launch Series 2 of The Vinyl Countdown by looking at his career. We’ll be playing his music and examining his collaboration with Michael Jackson and many others. Also, my memories of interviewing ‘Q’ fifteen years ago for the BBC. Join us for 15 minutes of vinyl fun and facts.

The Vinyl Countdown Episode 5

What do the fabulous Gladys Knight and the eclectic Ray Davies of the Kinks have in common? We find out in episode 5 of the Vinyl Countdown Podcast. Also, we look at another one hit wonder from three and a half decades ago. All that and more during 15 minutes of fun, facts and music on vinyl. Join me, Jonathan Charles, as I share my love of music with you and my son, Max.